The Dark Overlord Investigation

Vinny Troia Helps Uncover the identities of a cyber terrorist organization

Hacker / Investigator

Hacker / Investigator

A lifelong entrepreneur, Vinny Troia started his first company at 17, and is  currently the Founder and CEO of NightLion Security.



Vinny regularly speaks at global conferences and private corporate events, on all topics related to cybersecurity.

Security Expert

Security Expert

Vinny has been hacking since the early 90s, is a Certified Ethical Hacker, and holds a PhD in Information Security.

Who Is Vinny Troia

Vinny Troia is the person you want investigating your company on the Dark Web, or walking you through the aftermath of a cyberattack. Troia has been at the forefront of cybersecurity research and investigations, and is credited with the discovery of some of the world’s most massive data breaches.

Security Keynote
Topics and Videos

Interested in booking Troia for your next conference or corporate event? Troia’s talks are interactive, engaging, and always highly entertaining. Don’t take our word for it, find a topic you are interested in, and watch for yourself!

TV, Media and
News Appearances

Troia is considered one of the national media’s go-to experts on cybersecurity-related topics and is regularly featured on major news networks like CNBC, Fox, and ABC. Check out some featured clips.

Books, Papers,
Written Publications

Troia has grown up in the technology revolution and refined his underground IT skills to include a breadth of knowledge that spans his expertise across security, forensics and digital investigations. Check out his selected works here.

A Hacker’s Guide to
Online Intelligence Gathering
Tools and Techniques


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