People love hearing stories. Playing music has thought me how to tell my story in a way that keeps people’s attention”.

Strategies to Securing Your Organization

How can you security your organization against modern cyber criminals?

Let’s discuss ways your organization can implement a successful cybersecurity program by understanding the methods used by modern cyber criminals.

Know Your Adversary – Hacking, Live!

A Live Hack simulation using NSA’s stolen digital weapons.

When NSA’s digital armory was leaked, it was only a matter of time before the code was morphed into a ransom seeking worm. What do these tools mean for the average user? How can they protect themselves? This talk aims to educate the audience by providing a history of these digital weapons, a demonstration of how they are used, and a  demonstration a LIVE HACK of a virtual environment. We will show the ease in which these digital weapons can be downloaded and used by a novice user to infiltrate even the most secure networks, and we will provide users with a better understanding of how they can secure their company systems against these and future attacks.

Hacking, Live!

A Live Hacking demonstration showing the techniques used by modern hackers to infiltrate fully secure networks.

Insight into the techniques used by modern hackers, and demonstrates how easy it is to hack into a business network.

Information Security 3.0

You can’t know where you are going
if you don’t know where you’ve been”

The future of information security, v3.0, lies in anomaly detection of traffic at individual endpoints. This talk will look at the successes and failures of previous security practices, and will show how the future of our industry can be defined through detection and response capabilities built on top of behavioral endpoint analysis.

Security Awareness

A fully tailored security awareness program, designed to connect with your organization and its employees.

Privacy in a Social World

How Private is your identify? How easily can someone build a profile on you through social media?

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