Troia is available to present live or virtual webinars, special education sessions, keynotes, panels or roundtables, and opening or closing remarks at conferences or other events.

Hunting Cyber Criminals

Based on Troia's new book, this talk provides an inside look at cyber criminal organizations and the techniques they are using to bypass advanced organization defenses.

This talk will provide insight into modern threat groups like The Dark Overlord, MABNA, and Gnostic Players. The discussion will detail the formation of the groups, information on their structure, their core members, and the tactics behind their attacks. This talk also looks at how the criminals are able to make money, the companies they have breached, and they clues they leave behind.


How you can secure your organization against modern cyber criminals.

This presentation highlights modern threats like ransomware and malware, and provides ways your organization can implement a successful cybersecurity program by looking at techniques designed to stop criminals from gaining access to your network.


Tactics used cyber criminals with a Live Hack Simulation using NSA's Stolen digital weapons

When NSA’s digital armory was leaked, it was only a matter of time before the code was morphed into a ransom seeking worm. What do these tools mean for the average user? How can they protect themselves? This talk aims to educate the audience by providing a history of these digital weapons, a demonstration of how they are used, and a demonstration a how these tools can easily hack through a live network.


How Private is your Identity? How easily can someone infiltrate using information discovered on social media?

Designed as a security awareness training program, this talk teaches the basics of security and privacy and the impact of social media in both a user’s home life and the workplace.

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A Live network hack demonstrating tools and social engineering techniques used by hackers to infiltrate fully secure networks.

Understand how your organization can implement a successful cybersecurity program by learning more about Social Engineering, and the various methods used by modern cyber criminals to gain access to your company’s network and critical files.


You Can't know where you are going if you don't know where you've been.

This presentation focuses on the successes and failures of previous security practices, and will show how the future of our industry can be defined through detection and response capabilities built on top of behavioral endpoint analysis and user behavior analytics (UBA).

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