– John McAfee
regarding Troia’s appointment to the MGT Hacker Advisory Board.
Data Leak & Dark Web Monitoring

Data Leak & Dark Web Monitoring

24/7 detection and alerting on mentions of your name, brand, or assets being sold or discussed on criminal channels.

Adversary Support

Adversary Support

Support and guidance against targeted cyber attacks, extortions, ransom attacks, stalkers, and other threat actors.

Discrete and Confidential

Discrete and Confidential

Our services are completely confidential and any information obtained or uncovered will be secured with the highest safeguards and kept under strict non-disclosure agreement.


Cyber Criminals

Vinny Troia has written the book on how to identify and track cyber criminals. Send me a message


How I Can Help With Your Security

Tracking down the source of a cyber-attack is extremely difficult, even more so when the attack is targeted. Cyber criminals are extremely crafty, and technologically miles ahead of any identification or protection that can be provided by law enforcement organizations.

I have helped national and international agencies track down and identify some of the world’s most active cyber criminals. I have even written a book called “Hunting Cyber Criminals” which discusses my tactics and techniques.

I know how these hackers think, and my tools and methods are not bound by bureaucratic red tape. I am trained for exactly this type of work and can deliver the results you need to help keep you and your brand safe from any current or future attacks.

Please contact me for a free consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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